Dr. Drew slams Gavin Newsom's leadership: 'You don't get how bad California is'

You can’t imagine what life is like in California…you don’t get how bad it is, and that’s why [Newsom’s] in die moeilikheid,” Dr. Drew told Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade. “You need only walk out of your house to see how things are deteriorating…It’s so astonishing that the average person just can’t abide by it any longer…I’ll be surprised if he’s not recalled.

Dr. Drew’s comments come as Newsom continues ramping up his campaign to hold onto the governorship as the Sept. 14 recall election looms.


In Julie 2021, conservative radio host Larry Elder kicked off his recall challenge to California’s Democratic governor and suggestedwe’ve got a state to save,” in hopes to replace the embattled politician.

It doesn’t matter on…what side of the partisan divide you are [aan]. Everyone in California knows how horrible life is there and how disgusting things have gotten,” Dr. Drew continued. “Disgust is a very powerful emotion. It makes people change.

Newsom has long been criticized for his handling of the pandemic, including strict coronavirus lockdowns, slammed for decimating businesses, and requiring students to wear masks in the classroom.

There was so much incompetence on the part of the public health officials in Los Angeles and the government…the mayor…the governor,” Dr. Drew added. “[Amptenare] closed our beaches and parks, the exact environment where they should have been encouraging the population to go, outdoors, breathe fresh air, exercise.

Die “JAKKALS 11 Spesiale verslag” co-host argued theso-called mitigation effortshave been executed by people whodon’t know how to make medical risk-reward analysis.

Clinicians need to make those decisions,” Dr. Drew concluded. “Not bureaucrats.

Fox News’ Michael Ruiz and Andrew Murray contributed to this report.

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