Dr. Marty Makary veroordeel mense 'sny in lyn’ om koronavirus-entstof te kry

Dr. Marty Makary decries people 'cutting in line' to get coronavirus vaccine

There’s a lot of cutting in lineto get the coronavirus vaccine in the early weeks of nationwide distribution, Fox News mediese bydraer Dr.. Marty Makary toldAmerica's News HQ” Vrydag.

“Ironies genoeg, after all the conversation about Swart lewens maak saak, here we are with people inserting themselves – people with access, people with wealth, people with connections to the local facilities, and they’re basically saying their life matters more and I think it’s entirely inappropriate,” said Makary, who went on to accuse the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of beingway too slowto clarify who should receive priority access to the vaccine.

It should go to the highest-risk individuals after it goes to nursing homes and front-line health care workers, not all health care workers,” hy het gesê. “I’ve taken a pledge not to take the vaccine, along with many health care workers, until every high-risk American has had the opportunity to have it first.

Egter, according to Makary, the CDC’s recommendation thathealth care personnelreceive priority access to the vaccine has led to the likes of cosmetic surgeons, hospital board members and spouses of health care workers getting the shotinappropriately.


The Fox News medical contributor also questioned the decision by some states tohold back 50% of the vaccine supply so people could be sure to get a second dose.

That was a mistake, in my opinion,” hy het gesê. “The strategy should have been give it out to as many people as possible.

Makary noted that nearly 5% of the U.K. population has already been vaccinated, while not even 1% van die Amerikaanse. population has been dosed.

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