Drew Brees on facing Tom Brady in the divisional round: ‘I guess it was inevitable

Drew Brees on facing Tom Brady in the divisional round: 'I guess it was inevitable'

Drew Brees톰 브래디 will face-off for the third time this season on Sunday and it will be for the right to play in the conference championship game.

그만큼 New Orleans Saints 패배 시카고 베어스 그리고 Tampa Bay Buccaneers knocked off the 워싱턴 축구 대표팀 in their wild-card matchups. 일요일에, it will be the first time two teams will be playing each other in a playoff game and both the starting quarterbacks are at least 40 살이에요.

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Brees was asked after the win about facing Brady.

“네, (나는) don’t take it for granted. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity. 그리고 들어, the minute that he signed with the Bucs and came in the division, you felt like that was going to be a team to contend with, that was going to be a team that had playoff aspirations and beyond, just like us. 그래서, I guess it was inevitable,” Brees said.


Brees was 28-for-39 with 265 passing yards and two touchdown passes in the win over the Bears.

The veteran quarterback might be playing the final games of his NFL career. He is expected to retire after the team’s run through the playoffs comes to an end, ESPN reported earlier this month.

Brees signed a future broadcasting contract with NBC in the spring of last year and has played through a lot this season, including with 11 cracked ribs.

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They thought that last year and he surprised them in March by deciding to come back. This time, he’s got a signed contract with NBC. This time, he’s another year older. This time, he’s played through the 11 fractured ribs, the punctured lung. It’s been a difficult, physical season and I think most people still believe that this will be the final season for Drew Brees in New Orleans and in the NFL before he turns to the broadcast booth,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said before the Week 17 games kicked off.

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