'Duck Dynasty' alum Sadie Robertson returns to TV with scripted show: ‘As always ALL glory to God’

The series will follow two high school girls from different backgrounds who join a reality TV show later to realizelife is messy, love is hard, and second chances don’t come around every day.

Robertson will serve as a producer and make some guest appearances, secondo Scadenza.

Alfonso H. Moreno is attached as showrunner with Amanda Phillips and Brad Krevoy’s MPCA as executive producers.


L'ex “Dinastia delle papere” stella, 23, reacted to the news on social media.

Just posted this on my story, but too fun not to share with all of you here too! I really can’t believe my fiction book is about to come to life as a scripted series! feeling incredibly grateful,” lei scrisse.

As always ALL glory to God and I pray God would use this show as another way to encourage people in their everyday life and bring family and friends together,” lei ha aggiunto.

'Duck Dynasty' alum and author Sadie Robertson, opened up to Fox News about her new book, 'Live.'

'Dinastia delle papere’ alum and author Sadie Robertson, opened up to Fox News about her new book, ‘Live.(HarperCollins)

In a statement to Scadenza, Robertson said, “I am so excited to jump into the world of scripted television, and to be doing it with Brad [Krevoy] who has been producing positive, inspirational entertainment for years. My hope is that this would be an encouraging show for people to watch together that has an inspirational message woven within. I can’t wait to get started!”


Life Just Got Realwas published in June 2016. She’s also written several other books focusing on faith titled the “Vivere” serie. Roberston also does work as a motivational speaker.

She previously told Fox News that writingthese books [è] really healing for me because it’s me learning how to deal with whatever problem I’m going through at the time, through faith, through my scriptures, through God, and then writing about them, because I know that other people can probably relate.

Robertson formerly competed on “Ballando con le stelle” and is currently pregnant with her Primogenito, una figlia.

She and her husband Christian Huff married in November 2019.

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