Ducking their shots: Walter Reed whistleblower wants military to step up

I’ve had all kinds of vaccines,” said Eggleston, who served in Baghdad with 107th Cavalry in 2003, 2004 과 2005. “I definitely wasn’t trying to die from sheer stupidity for not taking a shot.

He was among the original Walter Reed whistle blowers who alerted the world to the black mold that was harming injured vets returning from 이라크아프가니스탄. His mission now is fighting vaccine hesitancy among troops and veterans.


I wish I could wrap my brain around this apprehension,” Eggleston, who is working with Blue Star Families and 코로나 Collaborative to address vaccine hesitancy among veterans and active duty troops. “If you see people die in other countries begging to have this [백신] so they can live another day or live another year, whatever the case is, you should be on board.

Eggleston got both 화이자 shots and did not experience anything more than a sore arm each time, but his mother Rebecca, in her mid 70s, died less than two months ago waiting for hers. She was infected, 그는 말한다, by an unvaccinated nurse at her retirement home in Virginia Beach.