Dustin Diamond, 암 치료를위한 1 차 화학 요법 완료

전자 “종소리 덕에 살았다” 스타 Dustin Diamond는 암과의 싸움에서 진전을 보이고 있습니다..

배우의 대표는 목요일에 다이아몬드, Samuel을 연기하는 것으로 유명 “진한 럼주” Powers on the hit ’90s teen series, has completed his first round of chemotherapy treatment, with another to follow.
Dustin is looking forward to spending more time with his girlfriend, playing his bass guitar/video games, as well as making videos for his fans on social media,” a statement from Roger Paul, Diamond’s representative, 말했다.
Diamond, who revealed his 진단 지난주, will also be beginning physical therapy soon, Paul added.
    Diamond played the role of Screech for more than a decade, appearing in four different incarnations of the “종소리 덕에 살았다” 독점 판매권.
    Peacock is currently home to a reboot of the series, which Diamond has not appeared in.

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