Early season winter storm could cover many states, from the Southwest to the Great Lakes, in snow or ice

It may not be winter yet, but more than 20 million people are under some sort of winter weather watch, warning or advisory.

The early season snow and ice storm spreads from the Southwest into the Midwest, according to CNN meteorologists. Snow is falling Monday from Arizona to Wisconsin, with freezing rain and sleet further south into Texas and Oklahoma.
Welcome snows in Colorado for firefighters, with accumulating snow from the Southwest to the Great Lakes.

Albuquerque, 뉴 멕시코; Denver; Colorado Springs, 콜로라도; Amarillo, 텍사스; Oklahoma City, Wichita, 캔자스; and Kansas City are under advisories or warnings, but in northern Colorado, the winter precipitation is helping to fight the wildfires in the state. Some areas of Colorado, and New Mexico, will see over 2 눈의 발.
Widespread winter weather warnings (pink) and advisories (보라색) for snow and ice

The biggest concern in parts of Texas and Oklahoma is ice. Dangerous conditions with over a half an inch of ice accumulations could cause difficult travel conditions and possible power outages.




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