Elon Musk's 'Saturday Night Live' hosting gig gets positive reviews from surprised viewers

The SpaceX and 特斯拉 founder’s casting choice brought criticism from those who felt the show was celebrating a man for his exorbitant wealth in a time of income inequality. Rumors even circulated that cast members were considering not appearing in the episode with him.

然而, when Musk took the stage on Saturday, backed by the star power of his mother and girlfriend, many viewers were pleasantly surprised by his comedy chops.

a cold open that incorporated his mom in honor of Mother’s Day, Musk took his first stiff stab at acting in the show’s first sketch, a mock soap calledGen Z Hospital,” playing a doctor in a fake beard who delivered bad news to a group of youths in their own lingo.


Viewers seemed surprised at how much they enjoyed Elon Musk's hosting gig on 'SNL.'

Viewers seemed surprised at how much they enjoyed Elon Musk’s hosting gig on ‘SNL.(Will Heath/NBC)

He had small roles in subsequent sketches. He played one of a party full of people out for the first time after quarantine, and he did a German-ish accent in a bleached, spiked wig as the director of an Icelandic talk show.

上 “周末更新” he played a character close to himself, donning a bow tie and glasses as a financial analyst named Lloyd Ostertag, throwing an extended plug for Musk’s favored cryptocurrency dogecoin.

After the episode aired, several viewers took to Twitter to share that they had enjoyed the episode and found themselves entertained by the billionaire business mogul’s hosting.

@elonmusk great job last night on Saturday night live! Nailed it! Congrats!” 一位用户写道.

@nbcsnl #ElonMusk was actually 1 of the more interesting guest hosts in a long time. #elon was funny in spots. Needs to enunciate though. & his appearance showed how bad #SNL writing usually isdull & unoriginal. #ElonMuskSNL had some of the better moments this season. @NBC #NBC,” 另一个用户写道.

I think @elonmusk is awesome but after this, I have whole new level of appreciation the man! I guess I just love seeing him be so human? 毕竟, did you think he would be a chill, normal dude? 🤣 Loved it! 很好,” 第三位用户写道.


What a great @nbcsnl ! Thank you @elonmusk for showing other facets of your fantastic personality,” 另一个用户写道.

在星期日的早上, “Wariowas trending on Twitter after Musk appeared in a sketch as the antagonist from Nintendo’sSuper Mario” 专营权, Wario, in a spoof courtroom drama. Many were perplexed by the sketch, specifically with how much they liked the improbably odd character choice for Musk.

OMG I can’t believe Elon Musk actually dressed up as Wario for an #SNL 小品,” one fan of theWariosketch wrote.

We live in a reality where the richest man in the world dressed up as Wario for live TV. @elonmusk #SNL #SNLmay8,别人写了.

I definitely wasn’t ready for Wario Elon #SNL,” 另一个写道.


Musk claimed he made history on the episode as the first “SNL” host with Asperger syndrome –at least the first to admit it– referring to a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum, and kidded that he’s been told his lack of intonationmakes for great comedy.

然而, many pointed out that original “SNL” 剧组成员 Dan Aykroyd, who returned to host in 2003, 有 previously shared that he too was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome.