Abraza el verdadero espíritu del Día de la Independencia este año sin desilusión ni división.: Gowdy

TREY GOWDY: Esta semana celebraremos nuestro 246 cumpleaños, y debe ser motivo de celebración. We’ve beaten the odds. We’ve managed to nurse this experiment of self-governance longer than most. We have survived a revolution, two world wars, a civil war a great depression. The fight for inequality, pandemics and disease.... And acts of terrorism committed on our homeland. We’ve gone from a band of mercenaries to the world’s greatest military power, we’re an economic superpower, we’re the source of light and liberty the rest of the world looks to in times of light and darkness. Y todavía, whatever celebrations take place this week, will be muted and take place against the backdrop of disillusion and divide. An overwhelming number of our fellow citizens, perhaps us included, believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction. Hay economic pain and uncertainty, there are allegations of insurrection and stolen elections, how did we get here?


We do not celebrate the Corte Suprema en julio 4 or the due process clause or the legal doctrine of stare decisis, we celebrate democracy, and the freedom to chart our own course. In the past couple of years, we have watched as half the country wanted and expected the Supreme Court to overturn or decide a presidential election. While the other half of the country waited on the Supreme Court to tell us the full extent of our rights, as if we’re not capable of doing that ourselves.

Democracy is hard, it is messy, It requires debate and argument and persuasion and compromise. And working together to find a common good. And so far we have managed to navigate these challenges for nearly a quarter of a millennia, Think about that. We have made it a quarter of a way through 1,000 años. I think we can keep going.


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