Eric Trump: Vader se slotboodskap heel anders as Joe Biden se 'donker winter’ waarskuwing

Eric Trump: Father's closing message very different than Joe Biden's 'dark winter' warning

Peace and prosperity is the message of President Trump s’n veldtog, said the commander-in-chief’s son Eric Trump on Friday.

“My father built the greatest economy this country has ever seen: the lowest unemployment, the best 401K’s, he rebuilt our military, he did criminal justice reform,” Trump toldjakkals & Vriende.”

“You know, the last four weeks, he’s done four peace deals. No one even wants to talk about it,”Het Trump gesê.

DONALD TRUMP: KIES my en ek sal voortgaan om die veiligheid te lewer, VOORSPOED EN GELEENTHEID VIR ALLE AMERIKANERS

Trump’s comments came after his father, President Trump, wrote an op-ed explaining why he should be reelected to be the leader of the free world.

“Vier jaar gelede, Amerikaners elected me president to go to Washington, drain the swamp and produce real results for them. Now they have a choice: continue the record of prosperity that my administration delivered or return to the old Washington status quo, where Beltway insiders enriched themselves at the expense of hardworking Americans across the country,” Trump wrote.

Trump also wrote, “My administration has delivered safety, prosperity and opportunity for all Americans by keeping our promises and implementing an America First agenda to support working people and their families over the past four years.

Trump also said that GDP growth was 33.1% growth which was the “greatest” in the history of the United States.

“My father wants this country to be wealthy. He wants this country to be successful, he wants people to be able to live the American dream,”Het Trump gesê.


“It’s very different than Biden who talks about a dark winter is coming, a dark winter is coming. Geen, not a dark winter is coming. We live in the greatest country on Earth, we have the greatest flag, we have the greatest national anthem, we’ve got the greatest pledge of allegiance. We live in the greatest nation on Earth and that should be celebrated and not destroyed and that is exactly what the radical left will do.”

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