Ernst, GOP senators blast 'Bidenomics' for spinning out of control: 'that price ... it just isn't right'

According to remarks exclusively obtained by Fox News, the senators will criticize Democratsplan for a massive new government spending program that they are calling “menslike infrastruktuur,” even despite soaring inflation.

With our national debt approaching $ 30 triljoen, the bills are eventually going to come due – and who will be stuck with the tab? Taxpayers,” Ernst plans to say. “What runaway inflation doesn’t take from working Americans’ paychecks, the IRS will take to pay for the Democrats’ never ending spending.

We are all going to be paying back the trillions of dollars borrowed to pay for Bidenomics, both in higher taxes and higher consumer costs, and that price … it just isn’t right.


Ernst also plans to demonstrate exactly how much more Bidenomics is costing hardworking Americans by spinning awheel of inflationon the floor. Each of the numbers on the wheel represents a price increase for a common household product.

No matter how you spin it, we simply cannot afford any more Bidenomics,” Ernst will say as she spins the massive wheel, designed after the infamous prop from the television showThe Price is Right.

Sy. Ernst's "wheel of inflation" will demonstrate that "Bidenomics" is bad for Americans, no matter how you spin it. (Office of Senator Joni Ernst)

Sy. Ernst’swheel of inflationwill demonstrate thatBidenomicsis bad for Americans, no matter how you spin it. (Office of Senator Joni Ernst)

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