ESPN analyst goes off on Cam Newton for 'body shaming' rookie QB

The ESPN personality and former Jets linebacker had a passionate response to Patriots quarterback Cam Newton’s nickname for rookie quarterback Mac Jones — a.k.a. “Mac and Cheese.

Newton revealed the unofficial nickname last month during an appearance on ESPN’s Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin, while discussing his support for New England’s 2021 first-round draft pick.

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That’s disrespectful, 对? That brings up something totally different,” Scott said of the nickname on a recent episode of the same radio show.

‘Mac and Cheese’ is like one of the most disrespectful nicknames that I’ve heard in a long time, and this dude thinks it’s a term of endearment. 喜欢, I don’t know if somebody told him, he’s pretty much body shaming him.

Scott’s take on the situation could raise eyebrows since Newton’s use of the playful moniker came while the 32-year-old was complimenting Jones.

Mac and Cheese is a person who is — ever since I’ve seen him — has come into the locker room with a business approach,” 牛顿说. “Doing the initiatives of learning his teammates, understanding that (他是) got to raise (他的) level of play from the collegiate level to the professional level. And I’m here for him, as well as he’s here for me.

I’m here for him, as well as he’s here for me… so when Mac was picked there was no type of ill-will feelings, and there’s still no ill-will feelings because competition brings out the best in everybody.

After the Patriots failed to make the playoffs last season for the first time since 2008, the quarterback situation in New England could become point of contention thus year. 然而, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has maintained that Newton is the team’s No. 1 四分卫.

But Scott, while on ESPN Radio, said he believes Newton is good as gone in New England after this season.

They’re going to treat Cam like a rental car, 对, because they know he’s not going to be there (next season), so they don’t care,” Scott said about Newton and the Patriots. “They’ll run him into the ground, run all the tread off the tires and then maybe hand it over to ‘Mac and Cheese’ in the middle of the season or late season.




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