Europe’s coronavirus curfews and lockdowns at a glance

Europe’s coronavirus curfews and lockdowns at a glance

Across 欧洲 超越, countries have a patchwork of curfews and lockdowns of varying strictness to combat the spread of the 新冠病毒. 这里, at a glance, are the measures in place in the European Union’s 27 member nations and some neighboring countries:

Austria: In a third lockdown. Leaving home only allowed for work, medical visits, exercise, groceries. No overnight curfew.

Belgium: 10 下午. 至 6 上午. curfew in French-speaking regions; midnight to 5 上午. in Dutch-speaking Flanders region.

Bulgaria: No lockdown or curfew.

Croatia: Limits on gatherings; cafes and restaurants closed, but no curfew.

Cyprus: In lockdown, plus a 9 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew.

Czech Republic: 9 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew.

Denmark: No lockdown or curfew.

Estonia: No lockdown or curfew.

芬兰: No lockdown or curfew.

法国: EU’s longest curfew, 从 6 下午. 至 6 上午, 在 25 regions of eastern France. The measure is being extended nationwide from Saturday, to include zones where the curfew has started later, 在 8 下午. Shopping and all outdoor leisure activities stop at curfew, only short pet walks allowed. Working and commuting allowed with note from employer. Food deliveries but not takeout allowed. Fines for curfew-breakers.


德国: A patchwork of restrictions in the 16 状态; some have overnight curfews; no curfew in the capital, 柏林.

希腊: In lockdown; limited movements allowed during the day, 加 9 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew.

Hungary: 8 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew.

爱尔兰: In lockdown; travel allowed for work, 教育, other essential activity and for exercise within 5 公里 (3 英里) from home. No curfew.

Italy: 10 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew.

Latvia: 10 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Lithuania: No curfew.

Luxembourg: 11 下午. 至 6 上午. curfew.

Malta: No curfew.

荷兰: Strict lockdown until at least Feb. 9. No curfew, but considering one.

Norway: No lockdown or curfew.

波兰: Shopping malls closed, with the exception of pharmacies, cleaners, barbers and food shops. Restaurants can only do takeaway food. Hotels, sports facilities closed. No curfew.

葡萄牙: Strict lockdown starts Friday. Staying at home is mandatory, including for work. Schools to remain open, along with companies providing essential services.


罗马尼亚: 11 下午. 至 6 上午. curfew. Localized lockdowns, but not strictly enforced.

Russia and most other ex-Soviet nations: No lockdowns or curfews. Georgia has a 9 下午. 至 5 上午. curfew.

Slovakia: In lockdown. Leaving home allowed for work and essentials.

Slovenia: 9 下午. 至 6 上午. curfew.

西班牙: Curfews start between 10:00 下午. 和 12:00 上午. and end between 5:00 上午. 和 7:00 上午, depending on the region.

Sweden: No lockdown or curfew.

火鸡: 9 下午. 至 5 上午. weekday curfew; all-day lockdown on weekends.

U.K.: All four nations (英国, 苏格兰, Northern Ireland and Wales) in lockdown, people must stay at home except for limited essential trips and exercise. Schools closed except to children of key workers and vulnerable children. No curfew.