Ex-Democrat Andrew Yang starts Forward Party and announces PAC

en un letra shared to the PAC’s website, Yang, the founder, insisted he started the Forward Party fora few big reasons.


The current two-party duopoly is not working,” Yang wrote. “While the two major parties have different issues, we can all see that polarization is getting worse and worse, con 42% of both parties regarding the other as not just mistaken but evil. Neither side is able to meaningfully solve problems, so we all get angrier and angrier.

En la carta, Yang also pointed to data that suggested Americans favor a third political party, but concluded thatthe two parties right now control the primary system, which makes it very difficult for any meaningful third party to emerge.

Imagine a duopoly that prevents any effective competition,” Yang wrote. “That’s what we presently have in the United States.

Changing this is both extraordinarily difficult yet imperative for our future,” él agregó. “We need to push for open primaries and ranked-choice voting in Congressional races around the country. This would both diminish polarization by making it so that our representatives answer to the broad majority rather than the partisan few, and enable new parties and perspectives to emerge. It would make our entire country more reasonable.

In concluding his letter, Yang said he has ahope for a positive political movement that is not born of rage and demonization, but on optimism and solutions,” adding that the Forward Partyis an inclusive movement.

The announcement of the PAC came on the same day as Yang’s libro, “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy,” hit shelves across America.




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