Ex-Giants star Victor Cruz has 'zero regrets' over bemoaned boat photo

ジャイアンツの選手たちは、NFCワイルドカードラウンドでグリーンベイパッカーズに挑戦する前に、マイアミに旅行し、ヨットの日に写真のポーズをとったことでひどく批判されました. パッカーズに敗れたジャイアンツ, 38-13. It’s the last time the Giants were in the postseason, and many have pointed to the boat pic as the catalyst for what the franchise has become in the years after – mediocre.

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Victor Cruz, one of the Giants’ top receivers of recent years and part of the Super Bowl-winning team in 2011, said Friday on the NFL Network’sGood Morning Football” 彼は持っていた “zero regretsover the photo op.


“はい, we lost the playoff game, but did it matter, or was the fact that we were in Miami on a boat caused us to lose? 絶対違う,” クルス 前記.

Cruz said the team was given an off day on the Monday before the playoffs and decided to charter a plane for the quick trip to Miami. Cruz claimed he wasapprehensiveabout the trip but that young wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard wanted to go.

Unfortunately for the Giants, the trip will go down as a boneheaded move with the playoffs looming.

それ以来, the Giants have not won more than six games in a single season. The team is on its third head coach and is 18-48 since Boatgate.