Ex-Jets QB Mark Sanchez has advice for presumptive No. 2 pick Zach Wilson about playing in New York

Former Jets’ quarterback Mark Sanchez knows this all too well and on Tuesday he had some advice for presumptive No. 2 NFL Draft pick Zach Wilson before he heads to the Big Apple next season.


“When that ball’s snapped, you might not know where that ball’s going, and that makes some coordinators uneasy,” he said on The Colin Cowherd Podcast. “If you don’t need it, don’t use it. But if you have that trick shot in your bag, take it out when appropriate, and that’s going to be part of the learning curve for him.”

Sanchez continued: “In addition to the speed of the game and all that kind of stuff you know, he’s coming from the Mountain West, he’s gonna have a lot to learn. He’s gonna be in a very different media market, you’re gonna have to stack all those things, and there’s gonna be a learning curve for each of those categories – whether it’s media or the on-the-field stuff. So, my only fear with him was, a little too riverboat gambler when you don’t have to be. When it’s an easy just routine grounder to second, you just flip it to first base, don’t give me any around the back, you know, through the legs Harlem Globetrotters – just get the guy out.”

Sanchez lasted four seasons in New York but his time with the Jets was marked by a single and unfortunate moment: the infamous Buttfumble play on Thanksgiving 2012.  


Similarly, Sam Darnold fell victim to the media in New York when he was caught saying he was “seeing ghosts.”

Darnold hinted at the difficulties of playing in New York in his introductory press conference with the Carolina Panthers

“When I heard the news that (the Jets) wanted to trade me, it was tough. Anytime you’re not wanted somewhere, that’s always a tough pill to swallow. But then it was the opposite feeling. You go from being unwanted and then all of a sudden, the people in Carolina wanted me and obviously traded for me. You go from being unwanted to wanted.”

Darnold’s demise was a result of several factors but it didn’t matter – the organization and the fan base wanted him out. 

If the Jets do draft Wilson he will be working with a new coaching staff but hopefully, he can avoid the pitfalls of his many predecessors. 

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