L'ex professore del Massachusetts ottiene 10-12 anni per l'attacco di tortura della vigilia di Natale a un collega per amore non corrisposto

Rie Hachiyanagi, 50, un ex professore al Mount Holyoke College di South Hadley, Massachusetts, ha cambiato le sue suppliche venerdì in colpevole di nove accuse derivanti da un Dec. 23, 2019 attack that left her colleague with permanent injuries, assistant Northwestern District Attorney Matthew Thomas annunciato.

During a hearing Wednesday, Franklin County Superior Court Francis Flannery said he took several days to mull over the charging decision in what he described as an extremelytroubling case,” aggiungendo, “This is one of the most horrific set of facts I have ever heard,” il Greenfield Recorder segnalato.


I have this defendant who tried to torture to death over four hours someone who wasn’t an enemy, but was a friend,” Flannery said, secondo WWLP.

Prosecutors had outlined how Hachiyanagi knocked on the door of the home of Lauret Savoy, a fellow college professor, claiming to be in need of emotional support over a breakup the day before Christmas Eve. When Savoy let her in, Hachiyanagi attacked her, bludgeoning and taunting her in a four-hour torture session, hanno detto i pubblici ministeri.

Thomas described therandom savagerycarried out by Hachiyanagi, who used a position of trust to enter Savoy’s home. The victim finally managed to convince Hachiyanagi to summon help. The attack left her with long-lasting emotional trauma and severe physical trauma, some of which is permanent.

Professor Savoy is certainly a victim of a horrific crime, but that’s not what I’m going to remember,” Flannery said, according to WWLP. “I’m going to remember that she had the presence of mind and the courage to convince her attacker not to kill her. As her body was failing her, she used her mind to save herself. That’s remarkable.