Ex-NFL player Jack Brewer slams league for fueling division with 'political advocacy'

They are not just an NFL league or a sports league anymore. They have gone to straight political advocacy,” former NFL player Jack Brewer told “zorro & Amigos,” viernes.

Brewer claimed that the NFL put millions of dollars into advertising for Las vidas de los negros son importantes and other social movements, but mentioned the league’s actions aren’t necessarily helping the Black community at all.


“41% of kids in Baltimore high schools have less than a 1.0 GPA. That’s an NFL city. If you want to do something, let’s go in and try to help Baltimore fix their school system,” Brewer told co-host, Lawrence Jones. “If you really care about African-Americans, then you’re not going to have your voice only talk about movements like BLM that want to destroy the family unit because that is the core issue of our problems.

The former NFL safety continued to say that the NFL doesn’tstand upfor the family unit and only supports companies like BLM that go against thefamily structure.

It’s just not right,” Brewer remarked. “The National Football League has to realize that they have to be responsible for the things they promote.

mientras tanto, back in June, players sued the NFL for allegedly using terms like race-norming,” which assumed Black players started out with lower cognitive function. The retired NFL player was involved in a lawsuit against the league.

It is ridiculous for you to use race-norming as the National Football League, where you’re telling African-American players that you are born dumb…so then you don’t owe them money,” Brewer added. “The National Football League will do anything that they can to keep the money flow coming in.

He went on to stress that this country is becoming divided because of corporations like the NFL and others thatwant to pick sides.

This is not an attack on the Black national anthem,” Brewer concluded. “This is just some truth that the National Football League needs to take some accountability.

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