Ex-NFL player turned Army Ranger on LeBron James' anti-cop tweet: 'Tragedy' to see sports politicized

Jake Bequette, during an appearance on “狐 & 友達,” said that the left hastaken overnearly every sector of American life, including academia, インクルード “legacy media,” and the bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

When asked why political action and tweets like those of LeBron James are becoming increasingly prevalent, Bequette asserted that sports and the military represent thefinal frontierof meritocracy, patriotism, and institutions of traditional American values, which the left is intent on subverting.

They’re not gonna stop until they’ve taken over everything,” said Bequette, who played for New England from 2012 に 2015 and was a member of the Patriots team that won Super Bowl XLIX over Seattle.


Bequette said that it was a “悲劇” to see politics injected into sports and the military, two institutions that the former NFL player believestranscend” 人種, クラス, and background.

Bequette also expressed concern that the politicization of the military could derail the armed forcesgoal of fighting and winning wars.

With the U.S. 軍隊 “transitioningaway from small-scale battles in the Middle East, Bequette asserted that it was imperative to train the military with the mindset ofgreat power competitionwith foreign governments, といった 中国, ロシア, そして 北朝鮮.

We have to train our military with that perspective and focus, not these woke leftist ideologies that have no place on the battlefield or on the playing field,’’ Bequette said.

James reacted to news of a police-involved 撮影 in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday. 削除されたツイートで, James shared an image of the officer in question and wrote: “YOU’RE NEXTwith the hashtagACCOUNTABILITY”.

After the emergence of evidence identifying that the 16-year-old shot and killed was charging another teen with a knife, James faced intense バックラッシュ and attempted to clarify his previous tweet, saying that he was tired of seeing Black people killed by police.