Ex-NFL QB raises eyebrows with odd Jameis Winston tweets

Winston threw five touchdown passes in the 38-3 victory over the Packers. Griffin, who is currently an ESPN analyst, had a suggestion.

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After beating Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, Jameis Winston is now requesting strategy meetings with the Saints brass and demanding 5 crab legs, 1 for every touchdown he threw, be placed in his locker every day for consumption since he ate a W,” Griffin tweeted, referencing Winston’s 2014 shoplifting incident.

He then added that Watson candemand whatever he wantsafter his performance.

Griffin then made another weird comment.

Can you see how Jameis proving the doubters wrong & playing lights out makes the fact that WHEN he gets paid he will be accused of stealing money that was earned and given to him just like he was accused of stealing crab legs that were given to him because of his play at FSU?” 그가 썼어.


The former Washington quarterback acknowledged he was facing some backlash in his Twitter mentions over the Winston remarks.

Winston was 14-for-20 with 148 yards and a handful of touchdowns. According to the FOX broadcast, Winston had the fewest yards thrown for any quarterback with five or more touchdown passes since 1948. He did all that in a huge victory to start the 2021 시즌.

Juwan Johnson had two of the five touchdowns. He finished with three catches for 21 야드. Deonte Harris had a score and finished two catches for 72 야드. Chris Hogan had a 10-yard touchdown catch, his only one of the day and Alvin Kamara had three catches for 8 yards with a score and finished with 83 rushing yards on 20 운반하다.

Winston was named the starting quarterback after beating out Taysom Hill for the job. He hadn’t played in the starting role since he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2019.




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