Ex-NFL star Joe Horn 'disappointed' with toned down coverage around son's selection

Joe Horn, 前者 ニューオーリンズセインツ wide receiver, is the father of Jaycee. 彼が言った ESPN on Friday he was “がっかり” with the lack of talk around his son and pointed to the Aaron Rodgers trade rumors being the reason.

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Let me say this, I’m a huge Aaron Rodgers fan,” Joe Horn told ESPN. “But last night when I saw that he was not happy with Green Baywhen I saw nothing at all was talked about my son, it kind of upset me, and I was disappointed.

The elder Horn, who never played college football at a four-year school, woke up this morning with a set of expectations that were not met.

I was expecting everybody to be saying, '見て, nobody thought Jaycee Horn was going to go top 10. Nobody expected he was going to be the first defensive player off the board.I thought it would be given a little more attention, and there was none. It was very disappointing as a father’,” the 12-year NFL veteran said.


Horn noted Jaycee didn’t know he was even upset and added he was “ハッピー” the Panthers drafted his son.

Jaycee Horn was a standout cornerback at South Carolina. に 2020, he played in seven games for the Gamecocks. 彼は持っていた 16 total tackles and two interceptions – the only two of his collegiate career.

木曜日に, Horn was the first defensive player off of the board.