Expect a White House deep clean when Biden moves in

When the White House welcomes a new first family it gets a thorough cleaning in the five hours allotted for the turnover. But with a global pandemic ragingand an outgoing President whose orbit is rife with people shunning public health guidelines and coming down with Covid-19, this January 20 is expected to include a deeper, more exhaustive cleaning, 根据白宫官员的说法.

It’s one of many changes expected around how the White House operates when 总统当选人拜登 takes over. His campaign has diligently modeled public health guidelines with mask wearing and social distancing even as he campaigned against outgoing 唐纳德·特朗普总统, who instead held large rallies packed with people, many of whom did not wear masks.
While there are notfirm plansfor execution, the agency in charge of things, the General Services Administration, is handling what will be athorough disinfecting and cleansingof every surface in the 55,000 square foot mansion.
Rugs and window treatments, if kept, will also be deep-cleaned, according to the official. The executive residence will be deep-cleaned and likely sprayedin the same manner as the West Wing and the rest of the White House has been since Covid regulations and guidelines were implemented months ago.
    The official said the details of the cleanser and timing of rounds of cleansing, and how many, are all questions for the GSA.
    十一月, after at least two outbreaks of Covid-19 occurred in the White House, one affecting the first family, GSA contracted a company to regularlymistdisinfectant cleaner throughout the interior.
    Press have witnessed some of the current cleaning, which involve staff in full hazmat-looking suits misting widely used areas such as the briefing room.
      These misters are now a frequent and welcome presence to those who work in the building, as science has determined the highly contagious coronavirus can linger on surfaces, as well as be passed through air.
      The misters, and the cleaners, will have to tackle the White House’s 132 房间, which consist of 16 bedrooms, 35 浴室, six levels of the residence, 412 doors, 147 视窗, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases and at least three elevators.




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