'Extreme Sisters' Brooke and Bailey defend sharing a bed, 内衣, razors: 'Not crazy at all'

布鲁克, 24, and Baylee, 22, reside in Oklahoma City, Okla. The two make up one of many sets of sisters whose unbreakable bonds are documented in TLC’s new series, “Extreme Sisters,” which premiered on April 25.

For as long as they can remember, Brooke and Baylee have shared a bed together each night and warn it would beWorld War IIIif they kept a secret from one another. Fox News caught up with the sisters this week to discuss their unconventional sisterhoodand it turns out they share a whole lot more than just their sleeping space and secrets.

A lot of people are shocked that we have shared underwear. It’s not that crazy at all. Sometimes you just have to grab and go!” Baylee said.


'Extreme Sisters' Brooke and Baylee have been sleeping in the same bed together since they were little girls.

‘极端姐妹’ Brooke and Baylee have been sleeping in the same bed together since they were little girls. (薄层色谱)

“我的天啊, the thing I love about the show is it shows the realness. So whether people want to admit it or not, they’re sharing underwear. If they’re saying they’re not, they’re liars,” Brooke added with a laugh.

The sisterswho stressed they are not twins despite looking very much alike on the seriesalso have no qualms about sharing everyday grooming items, such as razors and toothbrushes.

“我的意思是, if you have to get out of the house and you only see one toothbrush because yours is missing, you just are going to grab whatever you see!” Brooke said.

Her younger sister agreed, chiming in, “It’s better than having bad breath!”

Baylee further admitted that shedidn’t even know not sharing razors was a thing.


布鲁克, 24, and Baylee, 22, credit their close bond to growing up in a blended family and always being 'stuck together.'

布鲁克, 24, and Baylee, 22, credit their close bond to growing up in a blended family and always being ‘stuck together.(薄层色谱)

The duo’s bond isn’t one that developed over time, 然而. The women said they’ve been by each other’s side theirentire livesdue to growing up in a blended family at a young age. Their mother remarried when they were young and the two have four additional siblings, including one biological brother.

We’ve just been raised together our whole lives. We slept together in the same bed growing up our entire lives. We came from a blended family and Baylee and I always got stuck together and I think that whenever that’s the situation you just grow so much closer. I know everything about her. She knows everything about me,” Brooke explained.

Episode one of the series proves their close bond can sometimes create tension amongst their other family members. Things took a turn in Brooke’s household when Baylee moved in and was caught on camera sharing a bed with her sister and her husband, 丹佛, 27.


This is my sister. It’s not weird,” Brooke reacted. “It’s not like Baylee is trying to be with my husband!”

A clip of the first episode shows Denver confronting his wife over the sisterssleeping arrangement, adding that Baylee slept with the couplethree out of the last four nights.

“[丹佛] kind of knew what he was signing up for but once you’re actually living together and married it is a whole different ball game,” Brooke told us.

The sisters promise the bedroom saga is one of many tense plots viewers will see play out on camera. 与此同时, Baylee has been dating her boyfriend, Briar, 21, for four years. She hopes to one day get married herself and have kids of her own. Baylee admitted that her boyfrienddoes get a little frustrated sometimesabout her readiness to tell her sister everything.

He likes to keep it just me and him but that’s not really how I do things,” Baylee said.

As the two continue to carve out their own futures, Brooke admitted it can be ahard shiftin prioritizing their significant others and their children before each other.


We’re trying to find a balance and we still struggle with that,” Brooke said. “We know that spouses should come first and that our kids should come first. But we’re so in tune together we have the same priorities. Baylee and I are just really similar and we just get each other so it’s really hard to not have each other as number one.

In terms of what others may think of their quirky lifestyles, they take no issue with negative opinions.

We are strong believers in God and so whenever people criticize or say things our identity is not founded in what other people are going to say. What we want to do is be real and let people realize what real sister relationships are like. Maybe ours is a little extreme but our worth is not found in what people are going to say,” Brooke said.

To follow Brooke and Baylee’s unconventional lifestyles, viewers can tune intoExtreme Sisters” 在 10 下午. ET each Sunday on TLC.