Facebook post reunites couple with their lost engagement ring after beach proposal

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It’s one of the biggest moments of your life. You’ve bought the ring, planned the moment and exactly how you’re going to pop the question. All goes according to plan. She says yes and you go in for a hug to celebrate.

But just as you look down to grab the ring and place it on her left hand, you look down at the box and the ring is gone.
All that time, effort and money saved, poof. It was lost in a matter of seconds.
      That’s exactly what happened to Anna Davis and Brian Quercia at their late February proposal near the jetties at North Beach on Tybee Island, Georgia.
        “At first I kind of didn’t believe him,” said Davis, thinking her fiancé was just playing a silly joke in all their excitement.
          But thanks to social media and the sharp eye of a stranger, the ring was found and returned to the couple only a day later. Davis and her fiancé took to a Tybee Island Facebook group for any help to find the missing ring. To their surprise, a man identified only as “Mr. Foy” responded after 20 minutes of searching the area he identified from the proposal picture from the Facebook post.

          One of Mr. Foy’s friends sent a direct message to Davis with a picture of the ring to make sure it was the right one.
            “I had only seen it for a couple of seconds,” said Davis. But after showing the picture to her fiancé, it was finally time to put a ring on it.
            Davis says she and her fiancé are already looking at wedding venues in Savannah, Georgia where they met.

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