Il fondatore di Families Against Fentanyl denuncia l'amministratore di Biden sulla crisi della droga: 'They're evading responsibility'

Fondatore di Famiglie contro il Fentanyl Jim Rauh, che ha perso suo figlio per overdose 2015, e Sandy Snodgrass, che ha perso suo figlio per un'overdose di fentanil l'anno scorso, discussed how the Amministrazione di Biden can mitigate the ongoing crisis Tuesday on “Volpe & Prima gli amici.”


They’re not reporting it in a timely manner, which is causing a great lag in information on how fast this is taking over,” Rauh told co-host Carley Shimkus. “This material is expanding at an exponential rate, and they’re evading responsibility by not publishing this data, and it’s a loss of their responsibility.

We have to have this data in order to respond to what’s happening to us in real time,” Lui continuò.

The awareness group is advocating for more urgent, real-time data so officials can identify the areas most affected by the crisis and intervene accordingly to save potential victims.

According to CDC data, al di sopra di 107,000 Americani morto from overdoses in 2021, which is an all-time high. The numbers show a significant spike from 2020, quando è finita 91,000 deaths were recorded.

US DRUG OVERDOSES TOPPED 100K IN 2021, REACHING ALL-TIME HIGH: Centro per la prevenzione e il controllo delle malattie

This was a rarity a couple of years ago,” Rauh said. “Now it’s a commonality. “We’re finding that this growth is extremely alarming. We want this material tracked by COVID and treated like a weapon of mass destruction, what it really is.

Critics pin much of the blame on what they call the open southern confine, as cartels exploit the staffing shortages and lenient policies by trafficking the drug into communities across the nation.

Lo scorso mese, border officials sequestrato al di sopra di 90 pounds of fentanyl within a one-week period, enough to kill more than 10 milioni di americani.

Snodgrass lost her son last October to a fentanyl overdose in Alaska.

The border is the first order of business, and the major problem that we have in this country is the open border that’s allowing fentanyl into the country,” Snodgrass said.

He received so much fentanyl that the police told me he probably dropped and died where he stood,” ha continuato. “He was within shouting distance of help and wasn’t able to shout.

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