La famiglia della personalità di Internet adolescente Bianca Devins affronta il suo assassino durante l'udienza emotiva

La famiglia di Bianca Devins, la diciassettenne personalità di Internet il cui luglio 2019 omicidio è stato trasmesso online dal suo assassino, lo ha affrontato in tribunale nella sua udienza di condanna martedì.

Before the sentence came down against Brandon Clarkwho pleaded guilty to Devins’ omicidio — her younger sister Olivia, her mother Kim and grandfather, Frank Williams, each provided victim impact statements.
Olivia Devins, chi è adesso 17 Anni — the same age Bianca was at the time of her deathspoke of the frequent nightmares she suffers, her inability to trust meeting new people and of being forced to delete her social media accounts after continually being re-sent photos Clark had posted online of Bianca’s body after the murder.
      Many random people set their profile pictures as my sister’s death photo and went on my page knowing I would, without a doubt, see it,” Olivia Devins said through tears. “The picture, fino ad oggi, continues to be sent to me, but I now have all of my social media accounts deleted.
        Kim Devins, Bianca’s mother, implored the judge to sentence Clark to prisonfor the rest of his life.
          We seek closure in regards to the crime that took our beautiful angel from us by respectfully asking the courtto make sure that Brandon Clark remains in prison for the rest of his life, so that he cannot harm anyone else and inflict this horrific pain on any other family,” lei disse.
          Bianca’s grandfather told Clark that, should he ever be eligible for and seek parole, “you can be certain that our family will represent Bianca and will ask the reviewing board to consider.
          Clark, chi era 21 at the time of the murder, è stato condannato a 25 years to life in prison Tuesday, according to CNN affiliate WKTV. He unsuccessfully attempted to retract his guilty plea, tuttavia, after Clark’s motion to recant his confession was denied by a judge.
          Devins, who had recently graduated from high school, had amassed a large social media following across several platforms before her death.
            She was especially well-known in the online gaming community. And it was on a social app for gamers, Discord, where Clark posted photos of Devins’ corpo, ha detto la polizia.
            Devins met Clark on Instagram two months before her death. She had planned to attend Mohawk Valley Community College in Utica that fall, her family said at the time.

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