Father charged with killing wife and propping her up on sofa with sunglasses, told kids 'mommy's drunk'

Prosecutors alleged in March that William Wallace, 39, told his kids that their mom, Za’Zell Preston, 26, was unresponsive because she was drunk as they unwrapped gifts at their Anaheim home, the Orange County Register reported.

Troubling details of the 2011 incident emerged during Wallace’s murder trial earlier this year, where senior deputy district attorney Heather Brown told jurors that Wallace allegedly dragged his wife’s body from the bedroom to the living room after an argument that turned violent on Christmas Eve. Wallace reportedly placed his wife on the couch and put sunglasses over her eyes, ニューヨークポストが報じた.


Grace noted that Wallace called 911 but hung up the phone when the operator began to instruct him how to administer CPR. When paramedics arrived, Preston was reportedly slumped over on the couch, 検察官は言った.

What idiot wouldn’t try to do CPR?” Grace asked.

They were telling him ‘here’s how you do it, you have to move her on the floor’he hung up on the operator,” CrimeOnline.com Investigative Reporter Alexis Tereszcuk tells Grace in the Fox Nation episode.

Wallace reportedly denied any foul play during the trial, insisting that Preston died of a drunken accident after she tripped and fell into a glass table,

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