Fauci called out for 'blood-boiling nonsense' after continuing to say children should wear masks outside

In an interview on theTODAYshow Wednesday morning, co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Fauci why her daughter still had to wear herlittle maskgetting off of the school bus but Guthrie, having been vaccinated with at least one dose, didn’t have to wear one.

When are kids going to be able to take off those masks and be able to play on the playground?” Guthrie asked.

Because children are unvaccinated, Fauci responded, 他们是 “more at riskout in the community and should therefore keep their masks on. Until the community levels of infectiongoes way down,” 他说, children should remain cautious.


His comments had parents and social media users fuming, especially since the data has consistently shown children are at a much lower risk of severe side effects to COVID than older demographics.

Actor Nick Searcy called Fauci’s guidancechild abuse.

New York post columnist Karol Markowicz tweeted that Fauci’s remarks wereblood-boiling nonsense.

MSNBC的JOY REID因吹嘘她的鞋子而磨损,即使在外面慢跑时也戴着两个面具

Markowicz added she was just as frustrated with Guthrie for not challenging Fauci on his flawed logic.

You know his answer is complete rubbish,” Markowicz says of Guthrie. “How do you not press him on it? You know it makes no sense for your kid to be masked, I hear it in your voice. Stand up for your child. Stand up for sanity.

星期二, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance to inform Americans that if they are vaccinated, they can remove their masks outdoors, but only in uncrowded spaces.

The new guidelines sparked criticism for beinglatein some circles, due to the known rarity of outdoor transmission.