Fauci flip-flop on vaccine mandate hammered in new RNC ad

El anuncio, first obtained by Fox News, features several clips highlighting Fauci’s previous statements casting doubt on federal coronavirus mandatos de vacunas.

There’s no secret that I feel that we should not have central [vacuna] mandates from the federal government,” Fauci said just last month while encouraging businesses toseriously consider the idea of mandating vaccination in the enterprise for which they are responsible whether that’s a university or a place of business.


I don’t see it on a national level merely because of all the situations you have upon encroaching upon a person’s freedom to make their own choice of their own health,” Fauci said in another highlight from July 2020.

Fauci also was noted as saying that the federal government does notwant to be mandatingvaccines and that doing so would beunenforceable and not appropriate.

El video, set to drop Thursday, comes after the Biden administration implemented broad mandates on all businesses with over 100 empleados, requiring employees to either be vaccinated or regularly tested.

The Biden administration is also requiring vaccines for all federal workers and contractors. Fauci also recently backed the idea of a vaccine mandate for air travelers.

I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated,” Fauci said last week.

The White House has not explicitly taken a federal vaccination requirement for air travel off the table, but with Fauci’s ability to bend Biden’s ear on health matters, the administration could sway that way if the president chooses to follow Fauci.

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