Fauci should take larger role in investigating all potential sources of coronavirus, Grassley says

Fauci, who joined the NIH in 1968 and has been NIAID Director since 1984, repeatedly denied claims that federal taxpayer dollars were used forgain-of-functionresearch at the Wuhan, Sjina virology lab, and was initially dismissive of assertions that the coronavirus was the result of a lab accident—rather than a zoonotic transmission.

For a whole year, we’ve had people talking about it. There’s some evidence that in May of last year there was some reports coming out that indicated [the lab leak theory]. And then there was all this effort to cover up that point of view and everybody to wipe out their tracks,” Grassley told “Jou wêreld” anker Neil Cavuto.

Here’s where I am today: Dr. Fauci; instead of just saying whether it’s personal about him or whether it’s science, he’s a person that ought to be in the middle of helping us get to the bottom of this because scientists like him don’t ever take yes or no for an answer,” gaan hy voort. “Everything is subject to peer review.

Fauci received criticism this week after telling an interviewer that critics attacks on him areattacks on science” self.

Grassley said that scientists and medical professionals seek to find the real, right answer to problems, and that they don’t just take thefirst answer you get.

We have a responsibility here in the Congress because we appropriate this money, we need to know what it was used for and we need to know every hand that an American had in whatever happened in that lab. This is all public information,” Grassley said.

As for China, the nation continues to stonewall investigations into the Wuhan lab and the origination of the virus. Grassley said the international community should band together and urge transparency.

Cavuto also asked the Iowa senator about China’s growing aggression on Taiwan and asked if China invaded Taiwan that the United States should go to war.

I think if China decided that they wanted to do it and as close as it is, that they could do it and there wouldn’t be much we could do to stand in the way. But they would be violating every international law in the process of doing it,” Grassley said. “It is an act of war and what I can’t tell you from a legal standpoint, the obligations we have under the 1979 Taiwanese Act. We may have some obligations there that we would have to fulfill. And it is very necessary for the United States makes a commitment to another nation we keep that commitment otherwise we are just like the Obamas, drawing a red line in the sand and then that’s crossed and then they don’t have retribution.

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