Fauci sounds alarm on 'need' for COVID vaccines that 'protect against infection'


DR. FAUCI: [COVID-19 vaccines continue] to do well in preventing severe disease, hospitalization, intensive care and death. And the reason we know that, 브렛, [그게] the data is overwhelming. When you look at the difference between vaccinated peopleparticularly those who are boostedand unvaccinated people, the hospitalization, morbidity and mortality weighs extremely heavily multifold among the unvaccinated. That’s not necessarily the case because of the way the virus has evolved when you’re dealing with the acquisition of infections. So what we need is I think what you’re hinting atwe need vaccines that are better. That are better because of the breadth and the durability, because we know that immunity wanes over several months. And that’s the reason why we have boosters. But also, we need vaccines that protect against infection.

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