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[object Window] $ 15,000 reward for information on a January 6 [object Window], [object Window].

Jonathan Daniel Pollockone of a group of Floridians accused of attacking police at the Capitolfaces multiple charges including assaulting several officers, theft of government property and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.
Pollock is one of only a small group of people who went on the run after being charged in the Capitol riot and have yet to be apprehended by authorities.
    Luidens hofstukke, Pollock took several weeks off to travel to DC around January 6. Coworkers told investigators that when Pollock returned, he initially bragged about his involvement in the riot.
      But a few days later, Pollock allegedly claimed he had a family emergency, links, en nooit teruggekeer nie. When a coworker went to Pollock’s house, aanklaers sê, Pollock father answered the door, returned his office keys, and said he did not know where his son had gone.
        Prosecutors have accused Pollock of punching two officers in the face, kneeing a police officer, dragging an officer down stairs, charging at law enforcement with a flag pole, grabbing an officer’s neck and pinning them to the ground and ramming a police shield into an officer’s neck.
        Others in the group who allegedly assaulted police have all been arrested, including Pollock’s sister, Olivia, and have pleaded not guilty.
          Pollock is believed to have friends and family throughout central and north Florida,” the FBI said, “as well as in Georgia, Suid Carolina, Noord-Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. He is a welder and ironworker, by trade, and may be working in this, or similar construction jobs.
          Pollock isn’t the only person charged in connection with the riot who may have possibly fled from arrest.
          Vroeër hierdie week, alleged rioter Evan Neumann was granted refugee status in Belarus, according to Belarusian state television.
            Neumann told Belarusian TV that when he learned the FBI was looking for him, hy “started hiding, traveling across America from one place to another.He eventually fled to Europe and settled in Belarus.
            The Justice Department is not currently offering a reward for information on Neumann.

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