L'FBI cerca informazioni sull'uomo neozelandese che avrebbe costretto le donne a realizzare video sessualmente espliciti

L'FBI offre a $ 50,000 ricompensa per le informazioni che hanno portato all'arresto di un uomo neozelandese che, dicono, ha ripetutamente costretto centinaia di donne a realizzare video sessualmente espliciti tra 2012 e 2019, secondo a news release from the agency.

Michael James Pratt is the owner of the pornography websites GirlsDoPorn and GirlsDoToys, ha detto il comunicato. The sites are no longer online. “Pratt has ties to or may visit New Zealand, Australia, Italia, Spagna, Portugal, tacchino, Singapore, Giappone, Chile, Croazia, and France,” ha detto il comunicato.
Pratt faces charges includingproduction of child pornography and sex trafficking by force, frode, and coercion,” ha detto il comunicato.
      Pratt and others worked together to allegedly use the internet to recruit women for modeling jobs, ha detto l'FBI.
        tuttavia, when the women would respond, they were told the jobs were for sexually explicit videos. FBI investigators said Pratt and others promised the women the videos would not be posted online, and they would remain anonymous. The women were told they’d receive $ 3,000 per $ 5,000 in exchange for doing the videos, ha detto il comunicato.
          “tuttavia, the videos were indeed posted online, and Pratt’s pornography websites made millions of dollars in revenue from them,” ha detto l'FBI.
          Pratt allegedly paid other young women working for him to act as references to assure these victims that their videos would not be posted online,” Special Agent William McNamara with the FBI’s San Diego Field Office said in an agency video. “Some of the women were not permitted to leave the location until the videos were made, and some were forced to perform certain sex acts that they didn’t want to.
          McNamara also said FBI investigators know there are people helping Pratt.
            We know he makes promises to people,” McNamara said. “He is promising them gifts and money in return for giving him safe haven and secrecy to continue his criminal behavior.
            Those who have worked with Prattincluding a bookkeeper, a co-owner of the site and a producerhave been arrested or appeared in court, the FBI release said.

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