Federal law enforcement agencies push for arrests and charges after Wednesday's Capitol riot

Die FBI en ander federale wetstoepassingsagentskappe is van plan om inhegtenisnemings te maak en klagtes in te dien teen diegene wat die opstand Woensdag by die Amerikaanse Capitol gelei het, federal law enforcement officials said.

Dozens of charges are expected in Washington DC’s local and federal courts, including as many as 15 federal cases against people who are believed to be involved in the more serious alleged crimes, the officials said Thursday.
FBI digital experts spent the night ingesting surveillance video from the Capitol buildings and the area around the complex and are using software to match images and faces with social media posts showing some of the mayhem. In sommige gevalle, people involved in storming the Capitol made social media postings ahead of the rally making clear what their plans were, which federal prosecutors can use to help bring charges.
Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and other federal officials are coordinating the response but are also facing questions about why law enforcement appeared unprepared for the onslaught that in many ways had already been telegraphed by President Donald Trump and his supporters on social media.
    Part of the response Thursday includes repairing and building new harder-to-breach fencing around the Capitol west-facing grounds to protect the area to be used for Inauguration ceremonies in two weeks. Trump supporters could be seen swarming over the stage where President-elect Joe Biden will take the oath of office.
      Op Woensdag, CNN reported that a law enforcement source confirmed to CNN that pipe bombs were found at the headquarters for the Democratic National Committee, Republican National Committee and grounds of the United States Capitol. The source said all the devices were safely detonated by the police. A source told CNN there could be charges related to that as well.
      Hierdie storie is besig om te breek en sal opgedateer word.

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