Spotsylvania副に対して提起された連邦訴訟, イシア・ブラウン射撃の保安官

A $ 26.35 月曜日にスポットシルベニア郡に対して100万件の連邦訴訟が提起された, バージニア, 4月のIsiahBrownの副官による銃撃に関連した副官および保安官.

茶色, 32, was shot by Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputy David Matthew Turbyfill while Brown was on the phone with 911 dispatch, CNN has reported.
The lawsuit alleges thatprior to using lethal force, Deputy Turbyfill had a reasonable opportunity to warn Mr. Brown that he (Deputy Turbyfill) was about to use lethal force against Mr. Brown.The department’s sheriff is named in the lawsuit for his direction and supervision of deputies, including Turbyfill.
      The lawsuit alleges the deputy and sheriff were responsible for battery, gross negligence, and excessive force leading to Brown being shot and injured while unarmed.
        七月に 15, 2021, a special grand jury sitting in Spotsylvania County indicted Turbyfill forunlawfully and feloniouslyhandling a firearm, court documents said.
            “氏. Brown suffered serious injuries. He was hospitalized for a number of weeks, underwent multiple surgeries, suffered great pain, and was required to wear a colostomy bag,” according to the lawsuit filed in Eastern District of Virginia Court.
            CNN has reached out to Turbyfill and his attorney, Spotsylvania County Sheriff and Spotsylvania County for comment but has not yet heard back.