Finance executive ditches corporate America to play professional paintball

Finance executive ditches corporate America to play professional paintball

Americans can’t get enough of an adrenaline rush. Just ask former AIG vice president of claims Kevin Donaldson, who found his passion in the game of paintball.

On the Fox Nation speciale “Paintball: America’s Secret Pastime,” Donaldson explained that his life in corporate America just couldn’t compare to his involvement with paintball, so he decided to quit.

“In definitiva, un giorno, I said ‘I’m done. I’m done with corporate life,'” Egli ha detto. “Just couldn’t get enough paintball. It was my whole life.

Donaldson said he initially quit hisvery lucrativejob to open a paintball store. Infine, he began competing in and running competitive tournaments. He is now manager and captain of the professional paintball team Master Blasters.

Many members of the team areaverage Joeswho work as auto mechanics, nurses and teachers during the week, but seek the rush of the game on the weekends. Donaldson explained that his teammates have not only become his best friends but also his family.

I try to instill a family environment. It’s one of those jobs that you have to do as captain of the team. You have to do what’s best for the whole, not the individual,” Egli ha detto.

This family has been through a lot together,” proseguì. “We’ve been practicing on this field in Newburgh [N.Y.] for years. Right now our weekend training sessions are building up to some pretty big tournaments.

The Master Blasters were founded in 1986 and play in tournaments all over the world, according to their Facebook pagina. The team is currently getting ready for their most competitive tournament: the Windy City Classic in Chicago.

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