Brand vernietig huise van duisende in die Bangladesh Rohingya vlugtelingkampe, VN sê

'N Reusebrand het vroeg Donderdag deur die Rohingya-vlugtelingkampe in die suide van Banglades getrek, het die Verenigde Nasies gesê, huise wat aan duisende mense behoort te vernietig.

Die VN-vlugtelingagentskap (UNHCR) het meer gesê as 550 sheltershome to about 3,500 mense — were either totally or partially destroyed in the blaze, sowel as 150 shops and a facility belonging to a non-profit organization.
Photographs and video provided to Reuters by a Rohingya refugee in Nayapara Camp showed families sifting through charred corrugated iron sheets for salvage. But little remained of the camp, which had stood for decades, aside from concrete poles and the husks of a few trees.
Everyone is crying,” refugee Mohammed Arakani said. “They lost all their belongings. They lost everything, completely burned down, they lost all their goods.
UNHCR said it was providing shelter, materials, winter clothes, hot meals, and medical care for the refugees displaced from the camp in the Cox’s Bazar district, a sliver of land bordering Myanmar in southeastern Bangladesh.
Security experts are liaising with the authorities to investigate on the cause of fire,” het die agentskap gesê, adding that no casualties were reported.
Onno van Manen, Save the Children’s Country Director in Bangladesh, called the fireanother devastating blow for the Rohingya people who have endured unspeakable hardship for years.
Mohammed Shamsud Douza, the deputy Bangladesh government official in charge of refugees, said the fire service spent two hours putting out the blaze, but was hampered by the explosion of gas cylinders inside homes.
The Bangladesh government has moved several thousand Rohingya to a remote island in recent weeks, despite protests from human rights groups who say some of the relocations were forcedallegations denied by authorities.
More than a million Rohingya live in the mainland camps in southern Bangladesh, the vast majority having fled Myanmar in 2017 from a military-led crackdown that UN investigators said was executed withgenocidal intent,” charges Myanmar denies.
The fire destroyed part of a camp inhabited by Rohingya who fled Myanmar after an earlier military campaign, according to refugees.

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