Il capo della sicurezza informatica licenziato potrebbe includere l'avvocato Trump nella causa per minacce di morte

Il capo della sicurezza informatica licenziato potrebbe includere l'avvocato Trump nella causa per minacce di morte

Former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Chris Krebs said Tuesday he plans to take legal action against people who have threatened his life after he disagreed with his onetime boss, Presidente Trump, over the validity of the Nov. 3 elezione.

Krebs has said the vote was the most secure in the country’s history, undercutting Trump’s claims in the past month that he lost to Presidente eletto Joe Biden only because it was rigged.

Trump fired him shortly after he made the statement, e Campagna di Trump attorney Joe diGenova later called Krebs a moron who should bedrawn and quartered” e “taken out at dawn and shot.


Il ex-cyber-security chief told Savannah Guthrie on NBC’s TODAY show on Tuesday that hisexceptional team of lawyers” siamo “probably going to be busyand that they aretaking a look at all [of their] available opportunities.

They can know that there are things coming,” he pledged.

DiGenova’s statements aired Monday on an episode of theHowie Carr Showthat was simulcast on the Trump-backing cable channel Newsmax.

Da briscola dismissed Krebs last month, the president and his campaign have worked continuously to try to prove unsubstantiated claims of widespread election fraud.

Finora, most of their legal challenges have been unsuccessful, with states certifying vote counts that handed the White House to the former vice president.

Krebs pointed out to Guthrie that the statement that led to his dismissal was acommunity assessmentand that he hasyet to see anything based in reality that would change [il suo] opinione” — though there arecertainly opportunitiesfor the Trump campaign going forward.

But again, based on the controls that are in place across the system, we have confidence that this was a secure election,” he reiterated.

Krebs said that the proof was in the paper ballots – a point he also made in his Sunday interview on CBS’ “60 Minuti” – and their voter-verifiable paper audit trail, adding that his service in the U.S. government was rooted in an ideal ofcountry over party.

I am a lifelong RepubblicanoI served with honor in the Trump administration and I will always be thankful to President Trump for the opportunity to leadthe cybersecurity unit, Egli ha detto. “But again, when you enter federal service, you pledge an oath to uphold and defend the Costituzione from threats: foreign and domestic.


Country over party. That’s what we did,” Krebs concluded. “We approached it in a nonpartisan way and we did it right.

Fox News has reached out to the Trump campaign for comment.

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