First NYC housing complex bought by and for the LGBTQ+ community opens

New York City’s first LGBTQ+ owned and run housing complex opened in Queens on Friday, 30 years after the owner said she first conceived the idea.

Ceyenne Doroshaw, a trans woman who is the founder and executive director of Gay and Lesbians Living in a Transgender Society, 또는 GLITS, bought the complex, which has 11 apartments spanning three floors in the Queen’s Woodhaven neighborhood.
Thirty years of a dream, of doing something like this,” Doroshaw said at an opening ceremony Friday. “But not just doing it, putting us in an area, in a location where we don’t have to run.
Doroshaw said the building’s basement is being converted into an educational and learning center, as she considers education to bethe key and the base to everything you need in this world.
    This was created out of love,” she said in a Monday interview. “Each apartment will have and be — 만들어진, and painted and styledby a designer, an interior designer. The apartments are painted by volunteers. The art and everything has been donated. The furnitures were donated from Disney hotels. This is an act of love.
      Doroshaw said GLITSmission has always been to help people internationally, especially her own LGBTQ+ community.
      My community is being hunted all around the world,” 그녀가 말했다. “If I’m going to have a mission and a statement, my mission has always been to change the lives of my community, to infuse and get young people to rethink what a career is, to invest in ourselves so we can see a better future.

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