CNN 최초: 1월에 전 백악관 부대변인 소환 6 조사

The former deputy counsel to President Donald Trump has been subpoenaed in the federal criminal probe of the 일월 6 공격 on the US Capitol, 이 문제에 정통한 두 소식통은 CNN에.

Patrick Philbin was subpoenaed for testimony and documents, according to one of the sources. Philbin worked in the White House counsel’s office under Pat Cipollone, who also was also subpoenaed for documents and testimony, according to sources.
Philbin did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
    Executive privilege will play a role in the discussions over Philbin’s grand jury testimony, as it has with recent grand jury testimony of Cipollone and vice presidential advisers Marc Short and Greg Jacob.
      Philbin and Cipollone were both key witnesses to Trump’s actions in the last days of his presidency. Cipollone repeatedly pushed back on efforts to overturn the 2020 선거, and according to a Senate Judiciary Committee report, he and Philbin opposed a proposal to replace the attorney general with someone willing to look into false claims of election fraud.
        The report said that both Philbin and Cipollone indicated that they would resign should such a plan be executed.
        Philbin은 이미 별도의 조사에서 Capitol 공격에 대해 증언했습니다.: earlier this year he appeared before the House select committee investigating January 6, 이전에보고 된 CNN.
          하원 위원회에서 치폴로네 자신의 증언 중, he told investigators that on January 6 그는 많은 트럼프 고문들과 합류했습니다. — 필빈을 포함한 — 전 대통령이 공격에 대해 강력하게 규탄하도록 압박하면서.
            CNN reported last October that Philbin was at the time among a cadre of attorneys from the Trump White House or campaign still at work for the former-President and now focused on more narrow tasks, such as handling executive privilege discussions with the National Archives or communicating with potential ex-White House witnesses called to Capitol Hill.
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