First presidential debate ‘is about how Joe Biden shows upand performs, Bret Baier says

First presidential debate 'is about how Joe Biden shows up' and performs, Bret Baier says

It won’t be long before the metaphorical gloves come off and rhetorical punches are thrown at Tuesday’s first dibattito presidenziale fra Presidente Trump e Joe Biden, “Relazione specialehost and Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier predicted Tuesday.

Both campaigns know that the first 30 minutes of this debate is really where the most eyeballs will be watching, so expect fireworks early, if they are coming,” Baier told “Il tuo mondo” host Neil Cavuto.

Martedì prima, Lo ha detto l'addetto stampa della Casa Bianca Kayleigh McEnany “Sala stampa americanathat Trump looks forward tojousting back and forthwith Biden on the debate stage in Cleveland.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Biden’s mental acuity and fitness for office, highlighting the former vice president’s frequent gaffes in campaign ads and speeches. tuttavia, Baier noted the president has appeared to change his approach in recent weeks in case the Democratic nominee delivers a strong performance.


There’s been a big reversal in the past week on that tone and tenor and those phrases,” Baier said, “and the campaign and even the president has been saying he’s {Biden] done a lot of debates, he’s been in Washington for 47 anni, he steps up to the moment, so I think there’s been kind of like the Fred Flintstone car running backwards, trying to make up for what was said prior to that.

But listen,” Baier added, “it is different tonight. While Joe Biden has tried to make it about Donald Trump, this election — Questo [discussione] tonight, is about how Joe Biden shows up and how he deals with 90 minuti, six topics, 15 minutes each.

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