Lindsey Buckingham e Kristen Messner dei Fleetwood Mac mettono fine al matrimonio dopo 21 anni: rapporto

Messner, un interior designer e fotografo, ha presentato documenti legali nella contea di Los Angeles per sciogliere il loro matrimonio da più di due decenni, TMZ reported on Tuesday. Secondo l'outlet, it’s unclear whether the pair has discussed any terms of the split.

The former couple shares three children together. Their youngest, a daughter named Stella, è 17.

Secondo l'outlet, Messner and the former Fleetwood Mac guitarist/singer tied the knot in 2000 after meeting in the late ‘90s. She previously photographed him for the cover of one of his solo albums.

News of the breakup came on the same day that Buckingham, 71, announced his first solo album since 2011’sSeeds We Sow.The star’s new album, intitolato “Lindsey Buckingham,” is scheduled to be released on September 17.


Musician Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and wife Kristen Buckingham share three children. The youngest is 17.

Musician Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and wife Kristen Buckingham share three children. The youngest is 17. (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage/Getty Images)


The album’s first single, intitolato “I Don’t Mind,” è “about the challenges couples face in long-term relationships,” Pitchfork segnalato. According to the album, it’s a theme in many of the new songs.

“Col tempo, two people inevitably find the need to augment their initial dynamic with one of flexibility, an acceptance of each other’s flaws and a willingness to continually work on issues; it is the essence of a good long term relationship,” Buckingham said in a press release, come citato dall'outlet. “This song celebrates that spirit and discipline.

The outlet noted that Buckingham underwent open-heart surgery in 2019. He was poised to tour last year, but plans were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. He is expected to hit the road this September.

Nel 2018, Buckingham sued Fleetwood Mac after being kicked off the band’s tour. Al tempo, he was seeking his share of the tour income because he felt he was able to perform. The band disputed the allegations made by the songwriter. Mick Fleetwood later told Rolling Stone he and Buckingham reconciled.

A rep for Buckingham didn’t immediately respond to Fox News’ richiesta di commento.

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