Flights to UK canceled as health minister says new coronavirus variant is 'out of control'

Londra The Netherlands and Belgium on Sunday imposed a ban on flights to the UK after a new variant of coronavirus, said by officials to spread faster than other strains, causato renewed restrictions in large parts of the country over the Christmas period.

The new strain of Covid-19, which prompted the UK government to impose a Tier 4 lockdown in London and southeastern England and tighten restrictions for all of England over the festive period, è “fuori controllo,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock said on Sunday.
The Netherlands is banning all passenger flights coming from the United Kingdom from Sunday morning in order to minimizeas much as possiblethe risk of the new strain from spreading in the Netherlands, according to a press release from the government. The flight ban will remain in place until the new year.
The Dutch government said the same variant of the virus had been detected in the Netherlands in a sample from a case from early December, and that it is conducting further investigations to determine if there are any other related cases.
    Nel frattempo, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that Belgium will block travelers from the UK for 24 hours on Monday as aprecautionary measure,” though the ban could be extended if necessary.
    As a precautionary measure, we have decided to stop flights from the UK from midnight for a period of 24 ore, and just as importantly for our country, to do the same for the Eurostar (treno) — because that’s actually the main way that people from the UK come into our country,” Egli ha detto, speaking to CNN affiliate VRT’s Sunday morning news programDe Zevende Dag.
    Hancock said the new variant, which can spread faster than other strains but is not more dangerous, had to be controlled.
    The only way you can do that is by restricting social contacts and essentially, especially in Tier 4 le zone, everybody needs to behave as if they may well have the virus and that is the way that we can get it under control and keep people safe,” ha detto domenica.

    Tough coronavirus restrictions

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday broke the news that London and large parts of southern and eastern England, where cases are surging, would enter Tier 4 restrizioni, similar to the lockdown seen in Springjust days after reiterating his pledge to relax rules over the Christmas period.
    Johnson outlined that in Tier 4 areas under the toughest restrictions, there will be no possibility for household mixing over Christmas. In areas under lower alert levels in England, Scotland and Wales, mixing will now be permitted only on Christmas Day.
    In a hastily called Saturday press conference, Johnson said that the strain of the virus appears to spread more easily, and may be up to 70% more transmissable than the earlier strain.
    Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said on Saturday that the new variant is responsible for 60% of infections in London, which have nearly doubled in the last week.
    As with other new variants or strains of Covid-19, this one carries a genetic fingerprint that makes it easy to track, and it happens to be one that is now common. That does not mean the mutation has made it spread more easily, nor does it not necessarily mean this variation is more dangerous.
    Multiple experts in the genetics and epidemiology of viruses are noting that this one could be just a “fortunato” strain that’s been amplified because of a superspreader event; it could be the mutation somehow makes it spread more easily without causing more serious illness; or it could just be by chance.
    Ancora, the government’s scientific advisory group for Covid-19 has also warned the new strain is areal cause for concern,” and called for urgent action. Su Twitter, Jeremy Farrar said, “Research is ongoing to understand more, but acting urgently now is critical. There is no part of the UK & globally that should not be concerned. As in many countries, the situation is fragile.

    Londoners flee capital following new restrictions

    When asked about the time-frame of the Tier 4 restrizioni, which effectively put parts of the UK back into the lockdown seen in Spring, Hancock said Sunday: “Given how much faster this new variant spreads, it’s going to be very difficult to keep it under control until we have the vaccine rolled out.
    Hancock added what really matteredis that people not only follow [the new Tier 4 le misure], but everybody in a Tier 4 area act as if you have the virus to stop spreading it to other people. (…) We just know that this new variant, you can catch it more easily from a smaller amount of the virus being present.
    All of the different measures we have in place, we need more of them to control the spread of the new variant than we did to control the spread of the old variant,” Ha aggiunto, in response to whether current measures to protect people, such as the use of masks and the 2-meter rule (6.5 piedi), was enough to protect people from the new strain.
    Ancora, Londoners piled on to trains and motorways on Saturday night as they rushed to leave the capital ahead of new restrictions announced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
    Di 7 p.m. on Saturday evening, there were no free seats on trains leaving London from several stations in the capital, PA Media reported. Passengers complained about not being able to socially distance themselves within the train carriages.
      The scenes were condemned by politicians and public health experts. London Mayor Sadiq Khan called the introduction of the restrictions “devastante” in an interview with the BBC, adding that scenes at London train stationswas a direct consequence of the chaotic way the announcement was made, and the late stage it was made.
      I understand why people want to return to see their mums, papà, elderly relations, but I think it’s wrong,” Egli ha detto.

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