Florida high school halts yearbook distribution over BLM section

David Fleischer, who is the yearbook adviser at West Broward High School in Pembroke Pines, said the students were told that they had to stop handing out the yearbooks on Friday to allow school officials to review concerns about two pages that covered the racial justice movement, CNN reported.

“I found out that it was because there were some complaints from teachers and from parents about the content of the BLM page,” Fleischer told the outlet.

“That it didn’t seem objective, there were no opposing views. They mentioned the fact that we should have had, or could have included, something like Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter.”


Fleischer said he wrote an email on Monday to his colleagues to explain that “not every story has, or should include, an opposing viewpoint.”

“Stating ‘All Lives Matter’ is equivalent to stating ‘all houses matter’ when one in the neighborhood is on fire,” he reportedly wrote. “Advocating for one group does not mean you are attacking another, but using a countermovement distracts from the discussions that must occur about how people of color are impacted by racism.”

By Monday afternoon, he was told that sales of the yearbook could resume.

“I know that their intent was to do the right thing, I’m just not sure that their execution was necessarily appropriate,” Fleischer told news station WPLG.

Broward County Schools confirmed in a statement that distribution has resumed — this time with a note inserted into the yearbook.

“As the yearbook is intended to highlight notable and newsworthy events from that year, student journalists exercised their freedom of speech in documenting the movement,” the statement said.

“As a result of the review, distribution of the yearbook resumed Monday morning with an insert noting that the views expressed are not sponsored by the District.”

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