Florida lawmaker, Campos-Duffy blast MSNBC guest who said GOP Hispanic voters have 'identity crisis'

Paola Ramos was responding to a Pew Research estudio that found former President Donald Trump gathered more Hispanic votes in the 2020 elección than in 2016.

After hearing about the wall, after seeing family separation, after hearing the words, ‘Go back to your country,’ how is it possible that Donald Trump did 10 points better with Latinos in 2020 than he did in 2016?” Ramos said on Monday. “What we’re seeing right now and what we see on those numbers is that there is a cultural identity crisis that we are undergoing as a community.

Reps. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., y “zorro & Fin de semana de amigos” coanfitrión Rachel Campos-Duffy called Ramos’ comments “insultante” y “slanderous.

I have no crisis of identity. I know exactly who I am, and the fact that Demócratas somehow think that they can count on Hispanic votes simply because we’re Hispanic is insulting to Hispanics,” Gimenez said on “zorro & Amigos primero.”


The former Miami-Dade County mayor said his district saw a 21-point swing for Trump from 2016 a 2020, and that he knows the reason.

Because the Hispanics in my district reject the notion that somehow we want to move towards socialism, communism, that we want chaos,” Gimenez explained. “All that stuff doesn’t sell with us because we’ve seen it before, censura, all of that.

Gimenez and his family immigrated from Cuba en 1960 following the Cuban Revolution, a similar story to many of his constituents.

It’s insulting to Latinos and to Hispanics all around the nation that somehow we’re some monolithic bloc that’s going to blindly follow the Democrats and the Democrat mantra,” the congressman continued.

Campos-Duffy also agreed that Hispanic voters “odio” la socialista message voiced by some Democrats.

The Hispanic voter is getting more sophisticated and more nuanced,” Campos-Duffy said onzorro & Amigos” jueves, “and they’re not responding to the, ‘they’re all racist,’ thing that the Democrats are trying to say.

Countering Ramos’ commentary on MSNBC, Campos-Duffy said the Hispanic community is well-aligned with their values and overall identity.


Hispanic voters are looking and saying which party is going to protect my wages, protect my neighborhood, protect my family and my Christian values, my pro-life values,” Campos-Duffy said.

And the polls are showing it, Campos-Duffy, a Latina mother of nine, dicho.

The American-Hispanic community is on to it, and they’re responding, and the left is mad.

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