Florida man laid off by Disney starts making handcrafted flags in garage

Florida man laid off by Disney starts making handcrafted flags in garage

After being laid off by 디즈니, ㅏ 플로리다 man turned his hobby of making handcrafted wooden American flags into a source of income.

I had always dreamed of and wanted to make a flag for our house,” Mark Newman told여우 & 친구” 화요일. “My wife started posting pictures of the flags I was making on social media. 그리고 내가 아는 다음 것은, all my friends and family wanted to buy a flag. So it kind of just grew from there.


Newman began his business, It All Started with a Flag, after he was furloughed in April, 그의 말에 따르면 company’s official website. After being laid off in September, Newman expanded his selection of handcrafted flags to include new themes, such as designs to honor police and all six military branches, the website explains.

Each flag is made of pinewood, hand crafted, hand-cut to size, stained, carved, torched and sealed,” Newman wrote on his website. “The stars and in some flags, the designs and stripes are also carved for additional details and a 3D effect.

Newman told “여우 & 친구” why the American flag has such a personal meaning for him and his family.

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It means everything to me. I’ve always been a very patriotic individual. [우리는] a very patriotic family,” Newman said, adding that his oldest son is active duty in the Air Force, stationed at Joint Air Force Base Charleston.

We have just always admired our country,” 그는 덧붙였다. “This is the best place in the world to live. And that flag means everything to us.

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