Florida man's 1,135-pound blue marlin catch breaks fishing record in Maryland

Billy Gerlach, from Jupiter, caught a blue marlin that weighed in at 1,135 ポンド, による Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Gerlach had been participating in the 30th Mid-Atlantic fishing tournament in Ocean City.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Maryland Department of Natural Resources)

Gerlach apparently spent several hours waiting for a fish to bite about 70 miles offshore near Washington Canyon when the large fish took the bait.


It took over three hours to reel in the fish, which has been referred to as agranderblue marlin.

The fish was weighed and certified by Francis Ingram, one of the tournament weighmasters. A biologist for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed the catch. The previous state record had been set 12 数年前.


Some parts of the fish were collected for scientific research, while most of the animal was donated to local food banks. Gerlach said that he had been waiting his whole life to catch a fish like this.

This is just the latest record-breaking fish to be caught this year.

7月に, フォックス・ニュース 報告 that Rocky Baker from North Carolina reeled in a massive, 127-pound catfish during a trip on the Roanoke River. While catching the fish was hard, having the fish weighed on a certified scale by an official was almost as difficult.