Florida student torches colleges' 'draconian' COVID policies, warns 'surveillance state is taking root'

Jacobson appeared on “여우 & 친구 우선” on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing trend, reiterating the COVID-related policies are simply about control as opposed to safety.

This is just the perfect example of how these policies have nothing to do with safety and everything to do with surveillance and control,” the University of Florida student explained.


“알 잖아, the promise of safety and fear have been used to violate human rights and privacy for decades.

Jacobson explained students around the country are losing patience with universities as they continue to fight back against the United States becoming a completesurveillance state.

If we allow these institutions to continue controlling their student population, that means our society will become more susceptible to allowing the government to control everything and anything about our own lives,” Jacobson warned.

They’re learning that this type of surveillance is OK, and that it’s acceptable,” said Jacobson.

So when they graduate, they’ll take these same tactics into the workplace, and that paints a very scary future for America.

Colorado State University is one campus garnering stringent backlash for threatening a student who did not declare her 백신 접종 status to be consideredtrespassing.The university also mentioned the student could be arrested and would face additional repercussions.

Universities really aren’t being clear about the reason for pushing these policies,” Jacobson said. “But the reality is, 알 잖아, you give someone an inch and they’ll go a mile.

에 따르면 The Chronicle of Higher Education, 이상 1,000 colleges across the country require at least some students and/or staff to get the shot.

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