Florida taking precautions but avoiding ‘insanityof Cuomo’s New York lockdowns: Markowicz

Florida taking precautions but avoiding 'insanity' of Cuomo's New York lockdowns: Markowicz

Lifelong New Yorker Karol Markowicz slammed 정부. 앤드류 쿠 오모 의 위에 “미국의 뉴스 룸” for his 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행messcompared to states like 플로리다.

We have Gov. Cuomo, who’s been told he’s been doing a great job throughout this whole process, and he’s actually been doing a terrible job,” the New York Post columnist said Tuesday.


“내말은, not only have our businesses been destroyed, our vaccination program is all backward,” 그녀가 말했다. “Florida is just going by age, which is what we should’ve done all along.

In her Post column, Markowicz writes: “New York authorities have no faith in our people to do the right thing for themselves and their neighbors. Our lives are left hostage to Cuomo’s whims.

하나, she points out that Floridians know what to expect from Gov. 론 데 산티스.

The biggest difference is that everything in Florida is open, and indoor dining is open in all the cities, and that they’re sort of living semi-normal lives, but everybody’s still wearing masks, everybody’s social distancing, everybody’s frequently washing their hands,” 그녀가 말했다. “They’re taking all the precautions without any of the insanity that we’re doing in New York.

Markowicz pointed out that it’s not unusual to see a New Yorker wear a mask by themselves on the street even though they shouldn’t have to.

완전한 CORONAVIRUS 적용 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

We did it because we feel the societal pressure to do that, but in Florida, they just don’t do crazy things like that. It makes it easier to take the precautions seriously,” 그녀가 말했다.

Florida is doing it right. New York isn’t, and that’s really hard for a lifelong New Yorker to say,” Markowicz concluded.

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