Fmr NYC 경찰 국장은 범죄 급증 속에서 Eric Adams를 지원합니다.: 'The right man at the right time'

에릭 아담스 뉴욕 시장의 범죄 퇴치 계획: '우리는 땅에 부츠를 가질 것입니다, ON EVERY BLOCK IN THIS CITY’

BILL BRATTON: 이 모든 것의 핵심은, 매우 공격적으로, those who are using those guns to commit violence, and right now the criminal justice system in New York City and New York State is not structured to do that. District attorneys, the state legislature on up to the governor have not been supportive of getting tough on gun crime. There’s a clarion call out from this mayor. Let’s see who gets on board with him. Eric is the right man at the right time, but I’m not sure about the rest of the political establishment in New York State.


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